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Frequently Asked Questions...

How old are players in Babe Ruth?

  • Player age ranges from 13 to 16 years old. 

When are the games and practices?

  • You can expect games on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with one evening game on Saturday. All games are played in Beverly. Practices are TBD.

Can my child play with their friends?

  • We accept requests, but they cannot be guaranteed. Our ultimate goal is to have balanced teams that play competitively. 

What equipment does my player need?

  • All players will need a glove, baseball pants, cleats (metal is okay), and a batting helmet. All bats must follow safety guidelines. See link below. 

Does my player need to try out?

  • We do not hold tryouts. Instead, we run an evaluation session where new players are scored in an effort to build balanced teams that play competitively.